The MAG Demo program is the first competitive stage for male athletes at Champions Gymnastics. This is an annual program that runs from July to June each year. Program recommendations come from the developmental advanced recreational program. Demo athletes are aged 6 and 7 years.

This program is very progressive and structured complimenting the Gymnastics Ontario competitive requirements while maintaining the important aspect of “FUN” in the sport. The majority of focus in the program is on strength and flexibility training to help our athletes prepare mentally and physically for the Interclub or Provincial Program.

This program trains 6 hours per week.

MAG Interclub
Athletes in the Interclub program range in age with the youngest being 8 years old as of September 15th of the competitive season. Athletes in this program are selected from the MAG Demo program, as well as from the Advanced Recreational program based on their training in these groups. It will further develop their strength, flexibility, power, and endurance which will enhance their basic fundamental skills.

Looking at the MAG Interclub system as a “ladder,” the MAG athletes are working through the first 5 Levels of the GO program very progressively and the intent is to work their way up the GO ladder through levels 1 to 5. This program takes passion, commitment and dedication to training, and a love fore the sport of gymnastics.

This program trains between 6 to 12 hours per week.

MAG Provincial
Athletes on the Provincial Team have demonstrated a deep passion and work ethic, complimented with a strong technical ability of elements performed to the competition specifications to earn an opportunity to present Champions Gymnastics and Peterborough at Ontario Championships. Provincial level gymnasts are eligible for competition starting at age 8 (as of September 15th) and are scouted from the Demo and Interclub programs.

Similar to the Interclub system, the provincial athletes work their way through a 5 level program using the same progressive strategies used in Demo and Interclub. This progressive strategy is rooted in a deep strength and flexibility program which will allow athletes to meet the base requirements along with bonus elements to qualify for Provincial Championships and compete to become the next Ontario Champion.

This program trains 12+ hours per week.