The Tiny Twisters program is the earliest stage of our pre-competitive program. This is an annual program that runs from July to June, however new athletes can be recommended into the program at any time throughout the year. Tiny Twisters range in age from 3.5 – 5 years old and train once a week for two hours.

The program is designed for young girls that demonstrate above average physical potential, lots of energy, and an eagerness to learn gymnastics. Tiny Twisters is a developmental program that is structured in a way to challenge the athlete’s but still focus on the “FUN” aspect of the sport of gymnastics. Champions’ aims to provide the Tiny Twisters with a fun, challenging and structured program that will teach them the basic skills and body awareness, attitude and expectations that are required to move into our competitive program.

Entrance into the program is by invitation only. Athlete’s are usually selected from the Kindergym, Advanced Kindergym or Class 1 recreational programs or from a competitive try out. Once selected, the athlete has the opportunity to attend one training session with the Tiny Twisters group so the athlete, coach, and parents can determine if this program is best suited for the athlete.