(4 & 5 years old – Co-Ed)
60 minute class

Advanced Kindergym introduces 4 & 5 year olds to gymnastics! The focus on this class is Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals. This is the second level of classes in which children go into the gym on their own, without their parents. Athletes are expected to follow instructions from their coach while they are in the gym.

Each 60 minute class is guided by our coaches through warm ups, circuits and games. The class focuses on very early progressions of basic gymnastics skills, as well as other activities that will enhance their gross motor skills (i.e. climbing over/under things, swinging on ropes, climbing ladders, etc.) This class will also begin to touch on the various body positions and shapes that are key elements to all future gymnastics skills. Coaches will begin to focus more on fine motor skills in the Advanced Kindergym class.


Q: Does “advanced” mean the child’s skills are more advanced?
A: No. The children enrolled in this class are not expected to have advanced skills. The class is for a higher age group than the Kindergym, but not a higher skill level. They will still focus on the same activities that they do in the Kindergym class with a higher expectation on listening, and following instructions.
Q: What is the difference between Kindergym and Advanced Kindergym?
A: Advanced Kindergym athlete’s are slightly older than Kindergym athletes. The expectation for listening and following instructions is slightly higher because of their age, and because the majority of these children have been in school at least part time or full time. Advanced Kindergym begins to focus more on body awareness and the different body shapes and fine motor skills that are involved in basic gymnastics skills.


Q: What is the difference between Advanced Kindergym and Class 1?
A: Advanced Kindergym involves 4 circuits set up in the gym using various equipment for a variety of activities. The main focus is on gross motor skills, and also introduces fine motor skills important for gymnastics. Class 1 is the first class in which athletes will go to each gymnastics apparatus individually. For girls this includes Vault, Beam, Bars, Floor and Trampoline and for boys this includes, Vault, Bars, Floor, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Rings and Trampoline. Athletes will work to further enhance fine motor skills with a stronger focus on body shapes.