(3 years old – Co-ed)
60 minute class

Junior Kindergym was designed to be a transition class between Parent and tot and our Kindergym classs. In this class parents are encouraged to let their child go into the gym on their own and watch from our viewing area. However, if the child is timid and will not go in the gym on their own right away, parents can go into the gym for the first few minutes of the class, or if necessary they can go in for the first couple of weeks. They are encouraged to stand back and watch the class even if they are in the gym, and allow the coaches to direct the class. This class helps to prepare children for the Kindergym class in which no parents are permitted in the gym during the class.

Each class is 60 minutes in length, and is guided by our coaches through warm ups, circuits and games. The class focuses on very early progressions of basic gymnastics skills, as welll as other activities that will enhance their gorss motor skills (i.e. climbing over/under things, swinging on ropes, climbing ladders, etc.)



Q: If I know my child can go into the gym on their own, can I still choose the Junior Kindergym class over the regular Kindergym class
A: Yes. This class is designed for any 3 year old child to prepare them for our Kindergym, and Advanced Kindergym classes.

Q: If I register my 3 year old in Jr. Kindergym but they will not go into the gym or participate in any of the activities without a parent, should I keep my child in the class?
A: If a child will not participate in any part of the class without help from the parent after the first couple of weeks, we often recommend trying the Parent and Tot class. This will allow the child to get used to the coaches, the atmosphere of the gym, the equipment and activities with their parent, before trying the class on their own. We can always swap a child into a different class, as long as there is still space available.