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Cheerleading – Competitive Cheer

The Competitive Champions Cheer Program will offer multiple levels of all star teams who will compete at five or more competitions each season. This Program runs from June to the following May and requires full commitment from athletes and parents because cheerleading is a team sport that cannot be properly trained unless all team members are at practice. For our first season we are striving to teach all of our competitive athletes how to perform a routine with perfect technique, so our future seasons can be focused on high level difficulty routines. This program creates bonds with team members and coaches like no other sport. The dedication comes naturally from athletes who love their sport and count down the hours until practice (trust us, they will).

Finding another sport that bonds athletes like The Competitive Cheer Program is hard to come by and for this reason we are excited to be able to offer a team for every athlete. Champions Cheer wishes to push our teams to perform the best version of their routines at each competition or showcase which in turn, will lead us to victory. This does not necessarily mean bringing home a first place win, but always means gaining new experiences and insights into the sport they love. Champions Cheer coaches and staff look forward to creating memories and relationships with your children that will last a lifetime.

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Ages 4-6 years
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Ages 10-17

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Registration now open for all 2020-2021 Rec programs. We ask that all registrations and payments be completed in person, with the front desk.  Below is a link to our Registration form and COVID-19 Customer Agreement form, so you can print it and fill it out at your own convenience.    For Re-registrations we have a smaller form kept at the gym.  Forms scanned and sent via email will not be accepted at this time.

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