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Champions Cheer Gym (CCG) values technique over anything else. Cheerleading routines consist of stunting, tumbling, jumping, and dance, which means our teams are full of athletes with any background. In the gym, we hold value on inclusivity, as well as team work. Not only does cheerleading physically support your child’s needs, it also does mentally too. The team bond in cheerleading is not comparable to no other sport. 

Technique Takes First is CCG’s gym slogan. Any time we are working skills, we consistently remind our athletes why we choose to focus on the little things. We talk about safety, consistency, confidence and the overall connections between mind and body. Cheerleaders often excel in many other sports due to the coordination and strength gained as a competitive cheerleader. 

Although at CCG our goal is to bring home first place titles but we know we must start by creating first place athletes. That means we must begin by with having and being the best coaches we can be. At CCG we have brilliant coaches who look forward to every new smile we get in the gym.

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Registration now open for all 2020-2021 Rec programs. We ask that all registrations and payments be completed in person, with the front desk.  Below is a link to our Registration form and COVID-19 Customer Agreement form, so you can print it and fill it out at your own convenience.    For Re-registrations we have a smaller form kept at the gym.  Forms scanned and sent via email will not be accepted at this time.

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Download our 2021/2022 Brochure for details on programs, class times, and pricing for Fall 2021.

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