What Champions Gymnastics offers

Champions is dedicated to providing safe outlet for kids to explore the world of quality Gymnastics and Cheerleading programs, led by experienced, well-trained staff in a state of the art facility.

What you’ll take home

Kids attend our facility to learn and refine their skills in gymnastics and cheerleading, but leave with a new found self-confidence and sense of community.


Peterborough’s top choice for Gymnastics and Cheerleading Training


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A World of Excitement at Competitive Rates

1 Hour Class
Parent & Tot
Jr. Kindergym
Advanced Kindergym
8 week session
1.5 Hour Class
Rising Stars
Shooting Stars
Super Stars
Boys or Girls
8 week session
2.5 Hour Class
Advanced Recreation
Boys or Girls
8 week session
*Price does not include taxes or $35 annual club administration fee

Have Questions?

Can I take my child to the class if I am pregnant?
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Yes. Coaches can assist your child on any activities that you may have trouble helping them with due to your pregnancy. Please be sure to take extra caution when walking on various surfaces and equipment in the gym if pregnant.

If I have a new born or another sibling (i.e. toddler), can I bring my child to Parent and Tot classes?
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Yes. If you have a newborn, you can use a car seat to bring the baby into the gym and place it near by the activities you are participating in, or many will also bring their newborn in a sling or carrier to keep their hands free for the child taking part in the class. Our coaches will be available for any additional help that you may need. Feel free to also bring another person (i.e. friend or family member) with you to the class to either supervise the newborn while you participate in the class with your child, or to take your child through their activities!

If I know my child can go into the gym on their own, can I still choose the Junior Kindergym class over the regular Kindergym class?
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Yes. This class is designed for any 3 year old child to prepare them for our Kindergym, and Advanced Kindergym classes.

If I register my 3 year old in Jr. Kindergym but they will not go into the gym or participate in any of the activities without a parent, should I keep my child in the class?
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If a child will not participate in any part of the class without help from the parent after the first couple of weeks, we often recommend trying the Parent and Tot class. This will allow the child to get used to the coaches, the atmosphere of the gym, the equipment and activities with their parent, before trying the class on their own. We can always swap a child into a different class, as long as there is still space available.

What is the difference between the Kindergym and the Jr. Kindergym class?
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Our Jr. Kindergym class allows parents to be in the gym for the first few weeks of the session to allow the child to get comfortable with the new environment. If parents are going into the gym with their child in Jr. Kindergym they are encouraged to stand back and let our coaches have the “leader” role. In our Kindergym class, parents are not permitted in the gym. They can watch from our viewing area upstairs, or from our lobby.

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